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2017-10-02 Internal Situation Update 2017-09-20 Bangladesh: Population Movement Federation-Wide Situation Update 2017-08-16 Situation Report of Monsoon Floods in Bangladesh 2017-06-21 Management response on Mid term review of CDI 2 WASH Program 2017-04-19 The value of our volunteers 2017-03-29 Joint assessment report on population movement in Bangladesh 2016-12-22 Mid-term Review BDRCS CSWASH_Program 2016-12-06 A journey from despair to delight 2016-07-16 Management Response of Look Back Study 2016-06-02 Roanu Operation 2016 NFIs 2016-01-28 Communication activities 2015 2015-10-29 Monthly Activity Report_August 2015 2015-10-04 Final report on Community selection for CBDRR project 2015-10-04 Mid year report of CBDRR 2015-09-10 Monthly Activity Report_July 2015 2015-08-09 MONTHLY ACTIVITY REPORT (APR-JUN, 2015) 2015-06-03 MONTHLY ACTIVITY REPORT (JAN-MAR, 15) 2015-03-18 Monthly Compilation Report (July-December, 2014) 2015-03-10 Midterm Progress Review on Implementation of Strategic Development Plan 2011-15, BDRCS 2015-02-25 CBDRR Annual Report 2014 2015-02-25 Community Emergency Fund: A tool of preparedness for disaster response 2014-10-19 Report on BDRCS Deshari Training 2014-09-25 Flood Assessment Report on Kulkandi Community 2014-09-25 Report on BDRCS IR Training 2014-07-16 MONTHLY ACTIVITY REPORT 2014-07-16 MONTHLY ACTIVITY REPORT 2014-06-18 Monthly Activity Report_April 2014 2014-04-16 Monthly Activity Report_March 2014 2014-03-10 Monthly Activity Report_February 2014 2014-02-12 Monthly Activity Report_January 2014 2014-01-14 Monthly Activity Report_December 2013 2013-12-12 Monthly Activity Report_November 2013 2013-11-14 Monthly Activity Report_October 2013 2013-10-15 Monthly Activity Report, September 2013 2013-10-07 MCH Report 2013-09-15 Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) is running a MCH Program 2013-09-15 Training on Prevention of Non Communicable Disease (NCD) 2013-09-12 Monthly Activity Report_August 2013 2013-08-15 Monthly Activity Report_July 2013 2013-08-05 Prevention of Non Communicable disease (NCD) 2013-07-11 Monthly Activity Report_June 2013 2013-06-13 Monthly Activity Report_May 2013 2013-05-09 Monthly Activity Report_April 2013 2013-04-11 Monthly Activity Report_March 2013 2013-03-12 Monthly Activity Report_ February 2013 2013-02-12 Monthly Activity Report_January 2013 2013-01-10 Monthly Activity Report_December 2012 2012-12-16 Monthly Activity Report_November 2012 2012-11-13 Monthly Activity Report_October 2012 2012-10-10 Monthly Activity Report_September 2012 2012-09-11 Monthly Activity Report_August 2012 2012-08-13 Monthly Activity Report_July 2012 2012-07-11 Monthly Activity Report_June 2012 2012-06-13 Monthly Activity Report_May 2012 2012-05-13 Monthly Activity Report_April 2012 2012-02-13 Monthly Activity Report_January 2012 2012-01-10 Monthly Activity Report_December 2011 2011-12-12 Monthly Activity Report_November 2011

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2018-05-14 National Roundtable Dialogue on Safer Access Towards BDRCS’s Humanitarian Action 2018-05-07 BDRCS Photo Exhibition 2018 2018-02-26 SEU textile club donates 100 units of blood to Red Crescent today 2018-02-25 Three (3) daylong Restoring Family Links (RFL) training starts today 2018-02-23 Chairman Bangladesh Red Crescent Hafiz Ahmed Mazumder gets honorary doctorate degree 2018-02-15 Partnership Meeting 2018 of Bangladesh Red Crescent ends today 2018-01-06 The 21st Red Crescent Lottery : Result Published today 2017-12-26 Mr. Hafiz Ahmed Mazumder, Chairman, presides the 45th Red Crescent AGM 2017-12-21 Red Cross Society of China provides USD 1 lac to Bangladesh Red Crescent 2017-12-18 H.E. Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid, Honorable President inaugurates the 13th Red Crescent Youth Camp 2017-12-07 A group of ICRC Donors visits Red Crescent on Dec 7  2017-12-06 Citi partners with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society to rehabilitate flood-affected families 2017-11-27 ICRC CEA Advisor (Field Support) visits Bangladesh Red Crescent Society today 2017-11-19 BDRCS ICRC Communication Training for RCY Volunteers held during 12-13 Nov, 2017 2017-11-19 The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) celebrates the election of Prof.Dr. Habibe Millat MP as the member of the Governing Board of the IFRC 2017-11-19 BDRCS `Planning and Budgeting' Workshop 2017-11-15 Two daylong RFL Training for Red Crescent Unit level Secretaries and Unit Officers kicks off today 2017-11-12 Chairman BDRCS inaugurated the official sale of 21th Red Crescent Lottery on Nov 12 2017-11-07 Professor Dr. Habibe Millat, MP has been elected of behalf of the NS 2017-10-25 IFRC Secretary-General El Hadji Amadou Gueye Sy is visiting Bangladesh 2017-10-17 MoU signed with ShelterBox Trust today 2017-10-01 Medical teams in Cox’s Bazar report rise in diarrhoeal diseases, raising fears of outbreak 2017-09-20 Chittagong Red Crescent City Unit has come forward to Provide humanitarian assistance to Myanmar citizens 2017-09-18 Uzbekistan Government handedover relief goods to BDRCS as humanitarian aid to Myanmar nationals 2017-09-17 Uzbekistan Government will handover relief goods to BDRCS as humanitarian aid to Rohingya refugees 2017-09-13 Restoring Family Links (RFL) Update 2 Published 2017-08-18 Bangladesh: Floods ÔÇô Information Bulletin Published 2017-07-27 DDM under MoDR, BDRCS and IFRC signed tri-partity MoU today 2017-07-24 LIVELIHOOD ASSISTANCE TO RFL BENEFICIARIES: A BETTER LIFE AHEAD 2017-07-11 Restoring Family Links (RFL) Orientation Workshop held on 6 July at Bandarban 2017-07-04 Red Cross Society of China Donates USD. 100,000 to Bangladesh Red Crescent Society 2017-06-18 IFRC calls for support as extreme monsoon weather triggers consecutive disasters in Bangladesh 2017-04-30 BDRCS and IFRC high officials Visit Flash flood affected Taherpur, Sonir Haor area, Sunamgonj district, Sylhet 2017-04-06 Notice 2017-04-03 Transfer Order 2016-06-16 Of Sea and Men 2016-06-12 Living in Despair. 2016-06-02 First phase of Roanu relief operation continues 2016-05-24 When a cyclone hits... and thereafter 2015-09-14 Late rains prolong floods misery in southern Bangladesh 2015-08-24 Bangladesh steps up help for people affected by multiple disasters 2015-07-30 Thousands evacuated as Tropical Cyclone Komen hits Bangladesh 2014-08-04 Invitation for National Mourning Day 2014-06-02 Red Cross exhibition revives memories 2014-06-01 Photo Exhibition to Mark 150 Years of Humanitarian Action 2014-05-08 In Between Cyclones 2014-03-23 BDRCS Managing Board Election (2014 - 2016) Result 2014-03-13 Final List of BDRCS Managing Board Election Candidates for 2014 2014-03-13 Ordinary General Meeting of BDRCS 2014-02-21 BDRCS Managing Board Election (2014 - 2016) Voter List 2014-02-20 BDRCS Managing Board Election (2014 - 2016) Schedule



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