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Community Development (CD)

Community Development (CD)

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most densely populated nations and also one of the most disaster prone. BDRCS responds to disasters/emergencies and in most cases supports vulnerable communities to reduce their risks by developing their capacities. However, it was realized that there are communities those are not vulnerable to disasters, but vulnerable due to their lack of awareness on their socio-economic conditions e.g. inbuilt poverty, education, livelihoods, health, WASH etc. BDRCS felt of ensuring sustainable economic status of these hardcore poor so that in future they can combat with any adverse situation as well as in any unpredicted disaster situation. From this realization CD department has introduced project for long term change in living status and economic security of some of these people. The goal of the Dept. is to increase the community resilience to disasters and improve the basic living conditions. Currently the department facilitates a number of projects for future stability of the poverty driven, vulnerable and helpless communities.

Key components:

  •  Economic Security
  •  WASH
  •  DRR
  •  Organizational development