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Developing Knowledge and Skills of Staff to Enhance Working Speed

April 18, 2017

ÔÇ£It was late night and I didnÔÇÖt expect a large number but with my surprise the response was better than anticipated ÔÇØ





It was 10 September 2016 when the Tampaco Foils Factory in Tongi, Gazipur caught fire after an explosion. Kawsar Ahmed, Assistant Programme Officer of the School Based Disaster Risk Reduction (SBDRR) project immediately called the volunteers to participate in the response operation. ÔÇ£Around 35 volunteers from different schools rushed in the site to join the response operation, said Kawsar who ended the operation with a feeling of satisfaction for his volunteers. ÔÇÿI felt extremely good when these school volunteers successfully completed their tasks by rescuing and providing first aid to the victimsÔÇØ.

He expressed about his personal development saying, ÔÇ£I used to have difficulty to speak in front of a large crowd. Since providing the trainings, I realized I have learned to speak without hesitation.ÔÇØ ÔÇ£The lessons that were given to the school students were new to me and I have applied them in my personal life.ÔÇØ Kawsar stated that he did not know much about first aid and what he knew was not sensible at all. ÔÇ£It is clear to me that applying mashed potato on skin burn makes no sense. Now I know what the primary treatment should be.ÔÇØ

To mention the success of the project, he indicated to the leadership qualities among the students.ÔÇ£Earlier these students were very shy and didnÔÇÖt participate eagerly but now they are the front comers. Not only were the students but I myself highly benefitted from the project by conducting regular trainings with a large number of participantsÔÇØ.

Since the schools always operate in tight routine, it is quite difficult to bring out additional time for conducting the training sessions. During board examinations, the parents and teachers did not want the trainings and drill sessions to continue. However, the projectteam met many of the parents and the headmasters and discussed how important it was to keep the sessions regularly, and they all agreed to let us carry on ensuring that the exams and education of the students are not hampered.

ÔÇ£Children are the agents of change and you will always learn new things from different perspectives from these school childrenÔÇØ. He ends with an expectation that in future the programme should cover more students and teachers to enable a safer place for learning.