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Human Resources and Administration (HR & Admin)

Human Resources and Administration (HR & Admin)

Human Resource (HR) department of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society has been performing its role and responsibilities accordingly since 1971.
HR department was a part of Administration department till 2000 namely Administration and Personnel department. For the demand of time and standardization of harmonization of global concept the former Personnel Department had been approved as Human Resource department on 30 September, 2012 by the society.

Human Resource department have to preserve the service records of the employees and follow up all related matters of personnel issues as per Society’s Standing Orders (Administration and Service Rules), Office Order and Circular.

At present Society has 161 officers and 231 support staff (total 392). In addition there are 427 project employees in different programs and projects supported by IFRC, ICRC and PNSs.

Regular Activities of HR Department:

  • Maintaining personnel records
  • Need based recruitment/selection & posting
  • Induction and orientation of new employees
  • Performance appraisal for staff
  • Leave Management and documentation
  • Transfer, promotion, retirement, staff benefits including follow-up of code of conduct
  • Maintaining personnel data (traditional way)
  • Process of increment, time scale, pay fixation, provident fund and other admissible benefits
  • Active participation in recruitment process of donor driven projects employees