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Community Emergency Fund: A tool of preparedness for disaster response

Community Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (CDREF) raised by the communities meant to be utilized during disaster period for better preparedness towards local hazards. Kulkandi community of Jamalpur district set an example in utilizing the community DREF during devastating flood in 2014'

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CBDRR Annual Report 2014

The report focused on the activities implemented in 2014 to achieve result based target on wash, livelihood diversification, small scale mitigation, capacity building and resource mobilization for building resilient community emphasizing the community people to be empowered in terms of streaming them in decision making process. BDRCS strengthens linkage between communities and local government institutions (LGIs) through engaging union parishad, upazila administration, service providers such as Department of Agriculture/Fisheries, Public Health Engineering etc. As per above has of course resulted in many more people now having safe drinking water, latrines, own earnings, enhanced knowledgeÔÇÖs on a number of subjects such as early warning dissemination, hygiene practice, preparedness & response mechanism; improved infrastructure as road, house are being repaired and health facilities being opened etc. The project supplements BDRCSÔÇÖs effort in institutionalizing beneficiary communication and accountability with the aim to provide transparent and accountable humanitarian services.

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