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The Building Community Resilience through Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) project aims to initiate a process, at community as well as national level, to promote and facilitate better understanding of climate change related risks among vulnerable population with a view to demonstrate models of good practices in community-led adaptation to climate change.

Our Goals

  • The Building Community Resilience through Climate Change Adaptation project will :
  • Establish a Knowledge Management System (KMS) in BDRCS to accommodate scaled up strategy of best practices in Adapting to Climate Change (CCA)
  • Identify and Demonstrate Appropriate Climate Change Adaptation Measures to reduce vulnerability and exposure to prevalent hazards and risks.
  • Improve knowledge and Skills of households vulnerable to climate change. As a part of this, we hope to strengthen community based early warning systems in collaboration with Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre(FFWC), meteorological department and CPP.
  • Promote awareness and understanding of climate related risks and impacts and adaptation options.

Our Implementation

The project has been implemented at the national level, in 8 selected ÔÇ£at-riskÔÇØ communities falling under four districts. These are all communities vulnerable to, or already experiencing the impact of climate change. The project is to run for three years; from May 2011 to April 2014.

Our Beneficiaries

An estimated 55,180 persons (many of the beneficiaries are among the most vulnerable households and communities in selected locations) directly benefits from this project. Moreover, all the activities will recognise,incorporate and respect indigenous knowledge and traditional practice and wisdom of people.