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Coastal DRR Project


The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacity of the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and coastal communities to be more effectively prepared for and be able to respond to disasters, and to reduce related deaths, injuries, as well as have coping and mitigation strategies to lessen the adverse socioeconomic impacts of disasters.

The project has three major focus areas. First, it aims to modernize the Cyclone Preparedness Programme (CPP), a national and early warning system run jointly by the Government of Bangladesh and Bangladesh Red Crescent Society that is credited with saving many lives but now relies on old technology and equipment. Secondly, the project will help build the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society’s capacity at the branch and national levels by providing tools, knowledge, and systems to facilitate more decentralized, efficient responses while increasing financial self-sufficiency. Finally, the project also aims to enhance community disaster preparedness by sustaining and expanding initiatives focused on organizing, connecting, and building the capacity of community members, raising awareness and implementing school-based disaster risk reduction activities.

American Red Cross believes that greater investments in national society and community capacities in Bangladesh, as well as existing network systems and infrastructure, will contribute to sustainability in preparing for and responding to disasters for years to come.

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