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Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction (CBDRR)


Programme Goal: To enhance resilience to disaster and climate change risk of vulnerable people 


  • Community response capacity enhanced to recurring and small scale disasters.
  • Livelihood situation for targeted households improved to mitigate small scale disaster.
  • Strengthened BDRCS capacities to deliver and sustain scaled up programmes in DRR.
  • Enhanced BDRCS humanitarian diplomacy role in field DRR/DM and Climate Change.

Project Period : 2012-2016

Project Fund: 21,07,80,633.32, CHF  25,70,59.15

Area Coverage: 4 Units (Bhola, Jamalpur, Jessore and Satkhira)

Number of Community: 12 under 8 Upazila of 4 District Unit 

Number of HHs: 4858

Number of Staff: 40 (M-27, F-13). NHQ-9, ULO-4, APO-5, AAA-4(F-1), FA-2, CO-12(F), Peon-4.

Number of Volunteer: CDRT-300 (M-155, F-145), CDMC-192 (M-105, F-87), UDRT-100(M-70, F-30)

Major activity:

  • Inception workshop -12 community, 4 Unit (VCA, PoA, Base line survey).
  • Court yard meeting and quiz for awareness raising (EWS, preparedness, WASH, Shelter, livelihood, education, health etc).
  • School session and Quiz on EWS, CC and health awareness.
  • Coordination meeting between CPP and CDRT of communities of Bhola.
  • Establishment of community based flood warning dissemination system (field assessment, procurement of equipment, training for communities, etc) -2 communities of Jamalpur.
  • Mock drill/ Simulation - 2 Communities of Jamalpur and 6 communities of Bhola.
  • Best practice of community sharing through exchange visit, workshop and KMS.
  • Coordination meeting of CDMC, CDRT, UDMC and CPP.
  • Bi monthly meeting of UDRT.
  • Participatory monitoring system (Dev. tools, process) for 12 community.
  • Contingency Plan of Community based on template for 12 community.
  • Foundation training (leadership), First Aid, Search & Rescue training for CDMC, CDRT and UDRT for 12 community .
  • FA, S&R - Personal gars and equipment support for all CDRT, UDRT and CPP.
  • Strengthening the capacity of CDMC on making and utilization of DREF (Subject to contribute 50% by RC/RC movement).
  • Health camp and medicine support.