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Community Development Initiative (CDI)

Bangladesh is one of the worldÔÇÖs most densely populated nations and also one of the most disaster prone. The Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) plays a vital role in furthering Bangladesh strive towards economic emancipation.

Community Development Initiative

The CDI program is designed to enhance the overall resilience capacities of targeted communities through an integrated intervention of disaster risk reduction, poverty alleviation, health and hygiene and multiple socio-economic development factors.

Our Goals

We aim to increase the community resilience to disasters and improve the basic living condition of over 40,000 people in 16 impoverished communities of Bangladesh by 2017. We hope to achieve our objectives by improving basic health, education and economics statuses of the targeted vulnerable communities. Through CDI, social ills such as dowry, child marriage are eliminated with focus on awareness of women and human rights universally.

Our Activities

Our activities encapsulate a wide panorama of focus areas including economic, women and educational empowerment. These include facilitating the progress of economic and social development through unconditional grants, training, awareness and adult/adolescent education with incentives. Our secondary focus is on improving community based health and first aid awareness through various programs and campaigns. Our initiatives also address required behavioral changes in communities and assists in the installation of clean, arsenic free water sources and adequacy of sanitary latrines in household and communities. Furthermore, the necessity for environmentally friend technology is insisted through our activities and operations. Thirdly, we build viable modern communication channels to bridge the gap in access to information. Through communal and household incorporations CDI brings communities access to electricity, television and internet and to the wider world as a whole. Our Co-operations BDRCS is well placed and experienced when it comes to working in areas of early warning, disaster response and risk reduction. Its branches located in each district of the country are able to recruit, train and mobilize volunteers. ItÔÇÖs ongoing CDI program is one of the good examples of BDRCS integrating disaster risk reduction with economic and social empowerment efforts in order to build a sustainable resilience.