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First Focal Person

First Aid is one of the main common, prestigious & significant program of the world wide Red Cross and Red Crescent movement. It has a historical background as First Aid was given first in RC RC movement. 

First Aid was given first by the founder  of Red Cross Gean Henry Dunant & his team in the battle field at Solferino 1859. 

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society also maintain it through two wings:

A) First Aid training

B) First Aid Application 

FA training is being carried out by the Training department. FA application is the responsibility of the Focal Person First Aid under health department. Focal person perform it though First Aid team comprises with trained RCY members & volunteers under Youth & Volunteers department & others. 

BDRCS FA team mainly works at the following area:

  • After any natural disaster like cyclone, Tornado, Earthquake, Flood etc.
  • After any manmade disaster like accident, Fire, ethnic or political clash etc.
  • During a huge gathering like Bishaw isthema Tongue, Book fair at Bangla Academy, International Trade fair, Independent day (26th March), Victory day (16 December), at the national or main parade ground, international mother language day (21st February) at Shaheed Minar, National/ International games at stadium, Big gathering like meeting / strike called by political parties. 
  • Observance of the World First Aid (WFA) Day.