IR and Communications

IR and Communications

IR and Communication in 2017

International Relations Department of the Society has strengthened its mutual cooperation with all the organizations related to Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, the Secretariat of the Federation in Geneva, Asia Pacific Regional Office and country representatives of the Partner National Societies through regular communication. Also, the Society has kept its mutual cooperation and relation with other international organizations and agencies.

This department works to maintain continuous communication and coordination, share experience/suggestion, sign memorandum of understanding regarding new projects, and renew old projects with different associating organizations. The department also takes the leading role in arranging meetings with associating organizations of the Society, selecting and deploying staff for international conferences/workshops, processing visa, itinerary, invitation letters etc. for the personnel/guests coming from partner Red Cross/Red Crescent organizations and preparing their briefing/debriefing etc. Also, it provides necessary support to the Society in implementing the projects run with international support.

In this running year, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society has signed and renewed following agreements with the IFRC, the ICRC and Partner National Societies (PNSs).

As well as, for the Population Movement Operation (PMO), following agreements/memorandum of understandings have been signed with different Movement Partners.

Under the Population Movement Operation, delegates from more than 32 National Societies are providing service to the displaced people from Myanmar to Cox’s Bazar in different sectors. Currently, different teams are working in the areas including FACT, ERU, WASH, Relief, Logistics, Medical Team, RFL Team, Field Hospital etc. The department processes and maintains all the papers and activities related to the representatives from all over the world coming and staying in Bangladesh.

One of the major successes of this department is that, is has been ensuring the collection of Management Support Cost (MSC) as per the determined rate from overall budget of any donation given to the Society by any donor. In this running year, in total 86,02,000 BDT has been collected from different Movement Partners as Management Support Cost (MSC).

From 5 November to 11 November 2017, the following delegation team, led by the Vice Chairman of BDRCS, participated in the “Red Cross Red Crescent 2017 Statutory Meeting” held in Antalya, Turkey. Of them, all four management members traveled with personal financial coverage.

BDRCS Vice Chairman Professor Dr. Md. Habibe Millat has been elected for the next four years as a Governing Board member of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), comprising 190 national Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, through the General Assembly of the IFRC held on 6 November in Antalya, Turkey. To implement this activity, IR Department has played a crucial role.

ICRC Communication Project

International Relation Department is working closely with various local and international media to bring up the crucial interventions and operations that are undertaken by Bangladesh Red Crescent Societies, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) in front of the mass people. Besides, through the “ICRC Communication Project”, the department is doing local and international branding of BDRCS as the biggest humanitarian organization of Bangladesh.

The main objectives of all the activities of this department, according to the Strategic Planning of 2017-2020, is to promote and expand the seven fundamental principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, promote  IHL and prevent misuse of the Red Cross Red Crescent emblems, making the activities of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society visible through “Door to Door” campaign, increasing access of the Society, raising public awareness regarding the activity of Red Crescent  etc. The summary of the activities are as follows:

Promotion and Publication:

In 2017, two issues of the newsletter “The Message” was published. Different programme and project activities and important activities done at unit level have been illustrated in the newsletters with pictures. To raise awareness of the mass people to prevent misuse of the Red Crescent emblem, broachers demonstrating different aspects of the Red Crescent emblem have been published. As a part of the promotional activity leaflets, stickers, t-shirts, and handbags have been produced and distributed among volunteers and beneficiaries in unit level.


World Red Cross Red Crescent Day:

To mark the day, honorable President Md. Abdul Hamid, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Health Minister Mohammad Nasim, minister of the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief Mr. Mofazzol Hossain Chowdhury Maya, and honorable Chairman of the Society Mr. Hafiz Ahmed Mazumdar gave individual speeches. By the initiative of this department, special supplements have been published in five well known daily newspapers of the country with the speeches and special publications. The newspapers are- Shamakal, Amader Arthaniti, Bhorer Daak, Alokito Bangladesh, and Financial Express

World First Aid Day Celebration:

With a view to preventing domestic accidents, Communication Department of the Society arranged a unique program with the mothers of the staff of Red Crescent named “Day Long Workshop on First Aid” on the day. To prevent domestic accidents, a leaflet has been published and distributed among mass people on the day. This activity was done by the Health, Training and Youth and Volunteer departments.

Emblem Awareness Campaign:
With the joint collaboration of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), awareness campaigns are being run throughout the country to prevent misuse of the Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems and make people aware of the two emblems.

Following the Annual Plan, successful campaigns have been done in four districts until December. To run the campaigns properly orientation on RC/RC Movement, responsibilities, and campaign code of conduct has been given to two (2) youth volunteers and three (3) city unit volunteers from different upazilas of all these districts. After the workshop, each and every volunteer conducted successful campaigns by going door to door in their own upazilas. Volunteers carried a copy of the office circular given by the Health Department, t-shirts, bags, stickers with messages, and booklet ID card while implementing the project. Through this campaign, the overall image of the Society has been upheld in the related districts and the misusers have come to know the proper use of the emblems and stopped misusing it.

Communication training for RCY Volunteers:
By the initiative of this department, with support from the ICRC, a two-day long training on digital technology uses, photography, and social media usage has been conducted for the volunteers of district level. In total 20 volunteers from 20 units of 19 districts participated in this training. They will help their own Unit and the National Society in communication by directly delivering photos and other contents.

Red Crescent in Social Media:

The number of overall ‘like’ of the page has increased in recent time due to regular update in the official Facebook page of the Society regarding its activity. As a result, people from any corner of the country is getting to know the humanitarian activities implemented by BDRCS, as well as they are getting benefited with lifesaving information. At this moment, the total number of ‘like’ in the page is 1,87,500. In 2016, it was more than 1,68,000. Besides, documentaries made on different activities of the Society is being uploaded on YouTube. More than 480 tweets have been posted on the official Twitter page(@BDRCS1) of the Society. Stories are being published in the Instagram account, bdrcs_official. As a result, all the activities of the Society are being known throughout the world. Apart from these, Communication Department played a vital role in making a policy regarding the use of social media by Red Crescent staff.

Website and Social Media:

Red Crescent Communication Team has regularly created and uploaded contents  (photos, caption, video, news, event, story, updating information) for the website and social media accounts throughout the year. As a result, the online image of the Society has increased. Local and international partners received regular updates. They helped by communicating through social media.

Live Radio Program “Hello Red Crescent: We are Listening to You”:

With the support of the ICRC, community radio program “Hello Red Crescent, We are Listening to You” is broadcasted for the people living in the remotest areas of Teknaf Upazila in Cox’s Bazar, to provide information regarding Restoring Family Link (RFL) service, healthcare, and other activities, and during and after disaster management. In 2017, total 12 live radio programs have been conducted through the community radio (Radio Naf FM 99.2) in Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar.

The audience has the chance to ask live questions in these subject-based programs. In every live program, one specialist (govt. official, doctor, CPP volunteer, high authority of Red Crescent) stays present in the studio as a guest, through whom the listeners can get answer to their questions, receive information, and suggestions on RFL service, Red Cross Red Crescent emblem user guideline, cyclone and water surge early warning message, and health problems. Estimated 85,000 listeners have listened to each of the programs. The programs can be listened by visiting

Media Coverage:

Communication Department has regularly monitored media and promoted different activities of the Society through media. Different activities of BDRCS has been covered more than a thousand times in many national and international media. Besides, news and features including special programs has been published in all the private satellite channels as well as Bangladesh Betar, Bangladesh Television, Community Radio, FM Radio BBC Bangla etc. In 2017, different activities of BDRCS have been promoted in different ways in international media like Reuters, CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, including local media.  Besides, regular coverage of the different activities of all the departments has been given.

Communication Department provided various support to events and activities like Bangladesh International Partnership Meeting, participation and victory of the Society in the election of IFRC Governing Board, various activity of the PMO such as field hospital, community engagement and accountability, gender and diversity project, 13th National Red Crescent Youth Camp 2017, editing the publication Annual Grand Meeting (AGM) 2017, field visit to BDRCS working areas, video stories making, conducting national and international conferences etc.