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Recruiting staff

There shall be 3 (three) categories of employment in the Society, namely:-

  • Permanent Employment: Positions which are of permanent in nature and employees are likely to continue till retirement age.
  • Contractual Employment: There can be contractual posts under specific circumstances. In such case letter of engagement shall be drawn up in contract form, as per terms to be determined by the authority and specified in the letter of appointment
  • Temporary Employment: Positions which are temporary in nature and employees are engaged on need basis


Recruitment Procedure

Whenever there is a need to fill a vacancy in a Department, the Department Head will raise an "Employment Requisition Form". No requisition will be raised for any position which is not mentioned in approved organogram. Any recruitment will be considered based on vacancies in approved organogram only.

Appointment against project posts will not require ratification by the Managing Board. Approval of competent authority will be required for appointment against project posts.

The minimum age for appointment in regular post shall be 18 years and maximum 36 Years. The upper age limit may be waived in special circumstances with the approval of the management higher than the Appointing Authority. 
The following minimum qualification should be ensured for recruitment to the grade mentioned below:-


Grade Educational Qualification

  • I to VIII - Minimum Bachelor Degree 
  • IX to XIV - Minimum HSC
  • XV to XVIII - Minimum S.S.C
  • XIX to XX - Minimum Class VIII


Festival Allowance

  • All staff members of the Society will be entitled to two Festival Allowances in every year.
  • Festival Bonus of Muslim staff will be payable by the Society prior to Eid-ul - Fiter and Eid-ul-Azha and these allowances will be equivalent to one month's basic salary in each case.
  • However, a non muslim staff member will receive two festival allowances at a time during his/her own major religious festival.
  • 60% of gross salary of the contractual employees will be considered as basic for festival allowance purpose.
  • If any employee joins BDRCS before Festival, BDRCS will pay Festival bonus to him/her irrespective to his/her date of joining. If any employee joins after festival; he/she will not be entitled to get any festival allowance which is already passed.