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Restoring Family Links, BDRCS - Newsletter (January – June) 2018 

From January to June, 2018 The Restoring Family Links (RFL) Department is working as one of the core departments of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) which has been effectively response and engage to provide RFL services among Rakhin Muslim Community who have been forcefully torture by the Myanmar authority since 25 August 2017. The recent violent attack on the Rohingya in Rakhaine State in Myanmar by its security forces triggered unfolding tragedy to the civilians of Rohingya community.  The atrocities have driven nearly 1.2 millionRohingyas to flee across the border to Bangladesh.Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS) has been on the fore front to ameliorate the humanitarian crisis.  

In the wake of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar resulting endless exodus to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, BDRCS RFL Team sprang into action. They rushed to the spot to assess the ongoing situation in terms of supporting the unaccompanied children and affected people who have lost contact with their family members. They found out 185 unaccompanied children and provided on the spot assistance to them. They collected information by using RFL tools like Red Cross Massage (RCM), Tracing Request (TR),and  Unaccompanied minors (UAM) form from the rootless affected/children and obtained their need requests.  Around approximately 50 Red Crescent Volunteer have been working regularly in these refugees’camps as RFL team with Cox’s Bazar unite. Recently, RFL has connected with 83 contact less people with their family among 186.  

Main highlights from the RFL activities (January –June,2018  

  • Conducted training on RFL service for RCY volunteers at CXB  

  • Conducted 3 -days RFL service Training by RFL team from 25 February, 2018 to 27 February, 2018. 35 RCY from 35 unites came to participated this training 

  • The Director of RFL had participated on Global Migration Task force meeting (from 13 March to 16 March ,2018 ) in Istanbul, Turkey  

  • 3 -days RFL service Training was conducted by RFL team from 18 March, 2018 to 18th to 20thMarch , 2018. 38 RCY from 38 unites came to participated this training 

  • Restoring Family Links Department had conducted, one of the biggest activity in BDRCS, NHQ which was held on 8th April, 2018.   Total 22 Participants were from high level govt. Officials, UN organizations and social media representatives who were focal points of Migration and detention activities of their organizations. Jailers from different districts were also participating in this workshop. 

  • From 22nd April to 27th  April,2018  the director of Restoring Family Links Department was on Geneva for RFL CoC DP, RFL Strategy meeting and  leadership platform 

  • Restoring Family Links Department had conducted  07 School Orientation Program on RFL services in different districts  

  • Total 05 Film shows, Docu- Drama, Film  had been showed for awareness rising camping in different  migrant porn districts in Bangladesh by Restoring family links Department of Bangladesh red Crescent Society . 

  • RFL team Hygiene Kits provided for 856 detainees in different jails of different districts in Bangladesh.  

  • RFL team Collected 5031 RCMs in total (4882RCMs only from CXB), 1510 TRs, 11 UAMs from Myanmar Rakhain Community, CXB camps. RFL, BDRCS had handover 2036 RCMs and all TRs to ICRC, Dhaka.  

  • RFL team Conducted 8,735 successful phone calls among 12,303 phone calls for Myanmar Rakhain community to connect their family members. 

  • RFL has connected with 83 contact less people with their family among 186. 

  • Received some RCMs from different jails in Bangladesh and abroad and successfully investigated the RFL services to provide support to enquire. 

RFL Success Story of Tracing Request 

Running RFL work on 25 June, 2018, volunteers go to the field. Calling on a beneficiary hotline number from Kutupalong Camp at 9am, he said that a 16-17 year old Muhammad Rezwan, father-Muhammad Sultan was looking for his parents. He was lost from Chakmarkul last 5 months ago. To hear this news, we send two RCUs to Kutupalong Camp 

According to the information given by Rezwan, his father Muhammad Sultan was completing a TR searching for his TR / COX / 664/18 on May 6, 2018. Contacting the father, ChakmarkulRezwan commented onRezwanKaitupalong entered the house on the way to his khalar and entered the locality. The people from the local people went to Dhoki in Cox's Bazar and went to work in a tea stall. Rezwan expressed his feelings as  "When I go to sleep every night, I remember my family and cry, now I feel very good to have family members”. Rezwan was handed over to his father by RFL trained RCY volunteers of BDRCS. 

After the reunification Rezwan and his Father's, the man has burst into tear by showing his emotion to BDRCS RFL team, he said , “After finding Rezwan for the last 5 months, his father was suffering from emotional pain. Did not know that his son is alive or died. Thanks to RCY and Red Crescent for getting the boy back and wishing.Therefore, RCY Volunteer was requested to close the TR”.  


The image of RCY volunteer was handovering Rezwan to his father.  The volunteers opined that they will be happy if they are assigned to do more for the unaccompanied children or affected people who have lost contact with family until their repatriation 06 May, 2018 


Restoring Family Links Program officer & RCY volunteers were taking interviews with a female enquired who has been in search for her husband at Taknaf registered camps RFL Booths for providing RFL services at Refugee Camps at Cox’s Bazar 2018.