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Road Safety

Road and Transportation safety remains one of the most sensitive social issues of Bangladesh still. In a land of such diversity and focal economic growth, a record number of commuters, travelers and individuals alike travel across, from, between and beyond. With such high numbers comes the accident prone nature of transportation systems.

Our Work

BDRCS has worked extensively with Road Safety programs. Currently over a 100 volunteers and learners were trained on broader issues of road safety and providing primary management of victims of road traffic accidents (RTA).

Our Reach

A total of 36 selected spots i.e 12 each on Dhaka to Chittagong, Benapole and Sylhet highways were identified. A total of 36 bill boards with the name trained volunteers and their contact number were installed on each highway.

Our Activities

In each of 12 designated spots, average 3 trained volunteers with a First Aid Box were deployed for providing primary management of RTA victims and making referrals to higher level facilities.