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The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) has been present in Bangladesh since 1972 and thus from the very beginning worked closely with the emerging national society. The SRC focusses and profiles itself in the two key strategic areas of strengthening health systems at community and district level and disaster risk reduction, preparedness, and response. SRC, in line with its IC strategy 2020 and Continental strategy, strives to expand its portfolio and reach out to the extreme poor and vulnerable regardless of the geographical location. Accordingly the SRC HQ and delegation in Bangladesh is working closely with BDRCS to develop a health centred programme for urban slum in Dhaka.

SRC is extending financial and technical support to BDRCS towards increasing the resilience of people in 3 Union Parishad of Gaibandha to the consequences of natural and health hazards.


The key interventions of the project are:

  • Reform Disaster Management Committees at Union and Village level
  • Strengthen capacity of people and local institutions/authority to analyse disaster risks and plan and implement measures to mitigate them.
  • Strengthen disaster preparedness and response mechanisms.
  • Improve awareness of the link between hygiene and health and enable access of beneficiaries to more disaster resistant water supply and sanitation
  • Mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction in Union ParishadÔÇÖs approach and work


Target area: Gaibandha in Sughatta and  Sadar Upazila (Haldia Union, Kamarjani Union and Mollar Char Union)


Beneficiaries: Entire population living in the 26 villages in the three selected Unions (42,989 people).


Total Budget: 1,010,744 CHF for three years (mid 2013 ÔÇô mid 2016)