Urban Disaster Risk Reduction (UDRR)

Urban Disaster Risk Reduction (UDRR)

The Urban Disaster Risk Reduction was initiated in 2012, with the goal of reducing the risk of urban vulnerable communities by enhancing their preparedness and response capacity.

Our Implementations

UDRR has already started its intervention through Disaster Preparedness for Safer School (DPSS) project with the financial support of American Red Cross. DPSS is being implemented in 50 schools of Dhaka and Rangpur city with aim to improve safety of public schools. Besides the school safety component, BDRCS has initiated response capacity building activities for slum dwellers under UDRR programme with the financial support of Tsunami Residual Fund (TRF). The project is aimed that the target slum dwellers have access to medical and first aid with hygiene parcel & medicines facilities from BDRCSÔÇÖ outdoor health services.

Our Response

It is also expected that the Unit Disaster Response Team (UDRT) members as well as the project staff are able to respond to any disasters in effective and efficient manner.

Our Reach

Out of 50 project schools, 20 core and 30 non-core schools. A total of 20,000 students, teachers and community members are direct beneficiaries of the training programs, orientation and program interventions. Furthermore 60,000 students, teachers and community members are indirect beneficiaries of our efforts.