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Vulnerable to Resilience (V2R)

Vulnerability to Resilience (V2R) Projects in Bangladesh

BDRCS is implementing partner of the V2R projects supported by the British Red Cross. The V2R projects take a holistic approach to address the risks associated with multiple hazards, including cyclones, tidal surge and floods. The V2R is made up of two specific components, which we describe as the “approach” and “model”.

V2R Approach: The approach is the way we engage and cooperate with the National Society (NS) and it can be summarized as supportive, empowering and trusting of the National Society.

V2R Model: The model can be summarized as a three year community based resilience project,encompassing elements of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Livelihoods, WASH, Health, Gender and Advocacy.

V2R Project Goal:To reduce vulnerability and increase resilience of target communities by supporting strategies that enables them to prepare for, withstand, respond to and recover from the impacts of multiple hazards.

Outcome 1: Through improved organisation, connectedness and infrastructure, target communities are better able to assess, monitor and manage their risks through community and household preparedness and small-scale mitigation and management measures including natural resources management.

Outcome 2: Target communities have improved access to income generating opportunities, improved organisation and participation in markets, and increased capacity to invest in income generating activities.

Outcome 3: Target communities have improved knowledge of and access to health care and safe water and sanitation, including in the event of an emergency.

Outcome 4: BDRCS are better connected – internally, with communities, and with local government - resulting in enhanced capacity – to support communities in preparing for, responding to and recovering from the impact of multiple hazards.

Geographical coverage: The V2R projects have been implementing both in rural and urban contexts of northern floods and coastal cyclone prone communities. Starting since 2012 the V2R Original project ended in December 2015. Then the V2R Extension started and scheduled to end in December 2018. The V2R Kurigram project will be ended in December 2018 with a three months follow up to March 2019. The V2R Urban project started in 2015 and scheduled to end in December 2018. New V2R projects will further be implemented in Cox’s Bazar and Barishal Urban communities, leading into 3.5 years implementation period upto the year 2022.

Beneficiary coverage: The V2R Original project covered 60,000 vulnerable people from 27 coastal communities whereas the V2R Extension with 75,000 people from 30 coastal communities, the V2R Kurigram with 95072 people from 30 rural communities and the V2R Urban with 5000 slum dwellers from 10 communities in Barishal city corporation.