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Youth and Volunteer

Our prolonged faith in the youth across the world has proven to be extremely fruitful and effective. Their dedication and zealous passion to assist in all circumstances have made them some of our finest, friendliest and most fervent volunteer groups.

Our History

In the year of 1975 JRC (Junior Red Cross) activities were started in Bangladesh and in 1980 JRC and RCY were reformed in the name of Red Crescent Youth (RCY). Now it is well functioning in 68 units. BDRCS has 160,000 skilled and trained Red Crescent Youth volunteers who are very motivated and actively involved in all disaster situations and awareness raising campaigns.

Our Present

BDRCS has a separate Youth and Volunteers Department to organize and run the activities of RCY movement. In order to promote Red Crescent Youth movement and to accelerate its activities further, very recently Ministry of Education of the Govt. of Bangladesh has introduced Red Crescent Youth Movement in all secondary and higher secondary level institutions (6th to 12th grade) as co-curriculum.

International Friendship Program (IFP)

International Friendship Project between Bangladesh Red Crescent Society and Japanese Red Cross Society has been implementing different activities since 2004. Since the inception of the project, BDRCS has carried out RCY basic training, first aid training, health awareness training, orientation of HIV/ AIDS, anti stigma campaign, establishing flower garden and book bank, organizing inter school games, organizing debate, painting and essay competition, improvement of sanitation facilities, support books and stationary materials to orphans and poor students etc in 50 schools of 05 selected branches in each year.