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Protection Gender and diversity (PGI)

Protection Gender and diversity (PGI)

Since the liberation war, Bangladesh Red Crescent Society has been working to reduce the suffering and increase the development of the vulnerable people of Bangladesh followed by its movement mandate and principle. BDRCS work for Health, Disaster and Organizational Development since the independence of Bangladesh; gender was not focused as other core component. 

A Gender cell had been formed headed by one deputy director in the year 1999. This cell worked often for gender. From 2001 the females of the BDRCS and IFRCS organized the International women’s day through different rallies, workshops and seminar in every year to motivate and oriented the staff and member of BDRCS sharing the same idea and approach with the Government of Bangladesh and its other stakeholders. A Gender Policy prepared by the BDRCS in the year 2005 through different workshop and approved by the Managing Board. 

Gender is one of the core components of VISION-2020 of IFRC. In the year 2010 in the International Women’s day celebrating preparatory meeting, it was decided that we should be more focused in Gender and increase the knowledge about Gender.  A ToR for Gender working Committee was prepared and approved by the Managing Board Meeting in the year 2013, To hold up the Gender in the Mainstreaming in BDRCS, a Gender Working Committee has been formed included the Managing Board member Ms. Rehana Ashaqur  Rahman as advisor and directors of BDRCS, representatives of PNSs and other movement partners as members, a deputy director as the Coordinator. The committee suggest and work for implement different activities of Gender and Diversity. 

 Mr. Carl Torring, head of desk, South Asia, International Department, Swedish Red Cross and Gender Working Committee members had a meeting on 29 September 2014. In the meeting Gender Working Committee discussed about their recent works and future plans ahead. In view of that, a Partnership Review Talk” held from 9-15 November, 2014 in Sweden led by the Honourable Chairman Prof. Dr. Mohammad Shirajul Akbar (FRCP) M.P. In this tour, the member of the managing board Mr. Roisul Alam Moina, Secretary Mr. B.M.M. Mozharul Haque, (NDC), Director DRM Mr. Ekram Elahi Chowdhury, Gender Coordinator Ms. Rezina Halim and Swedish Red Cross country representative Ms. Marielle Pettersson accompanied him. As a result of this tour, the Swedish Red Cross has showed their interest and willingness to support BDRCS on Gender Equality and equity and support a project named “Gender & Diversity Mainstreaming in BDRCS” and to lend portion tribute in the following years.

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society now a day continuing the Gender and Diversity activities in the Branch through Training, Orientation on Gender and Diversity to the Branch Executive Committee Members, Officers and Volunteers. The Gender and Diversity activities is expending its activities in the disaster response and PMO.