Joint assessment report on population movement in Bangladesh

Reports Date: 
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Since 9 October, 2016 more than 69,0001 Myanmar nationals arrive in Bangladesh due to internal violence. The huge number of new flux of Myanmar nationalsÔÇÖ in Cox Bazar district; is not only related with suffering of them, itÔÇÖs also suffering for old influx and Bangladeshis host communities since it brings competition over limited local job market, food and health facilities. In addition to that, lack of support to them (new, old influx) on their poor living condition including WASH to improve, made them serious to extreme vulnerable to live with unexpected household condition without meeting basic essential household items. Women from influx are sexually harassed because of living within poorly structured or unsecured housing condition without privacy. Reported that numbers of separated children from their families are staying here with influx settled area and local people find the importance of uniting them with their families for their safety and security.

Every human being should have the right to live with dignity ensuring their protection and security with receiving humanitarian assistance on the basis of their basic humanitarian needs. Thus, the Muslims from Rakhine deserve humanitarian support considering their recent humanitarian crisis situation to survive with minimum facility.