Mid year report of CBDRR

Reports Date: 
Sunday, October 4, 2015

The community-based disaster risk reduction (CBDRR) programme is conceived and developed to support the disaster risk reduction (DRR) of vulnerable communities in one flood, one cyclone-prone and two water-logged districts of Jamalpur, Bhola, Satkhira and Jessore. While the project will run for four years from mid-2012 to -2016, this reporting period covers 1 January to 30 June2015.

The interventions in 2015 focuses on diversification of livelihoods, safe sanitation and access to water sources, resilient housing, resource mobilization, small scale mitigation and health consultations. The awareness raising interventions this year include cyclone preparedness simulations and hygiene practice through capacity building events.
BDRCS strengthens the linkage between communities and local government institutions, such as Union Parishad, Department of Agriculture/Fisheries, Public Health Engineering, through engaging government health, agricultural and fisheriesÔÇÖ consultants in community consultations. These consultations emphasize the promotion of disaster tolerant rice varieties and modern technology relevant for fish culture and agro farming in the disaster and climate context.

The PASSA (Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness) manual has been used while conducting PASSA exercise in project communities. Eight communities in Bhola and Jessore districts were supported with cash grant following completion of PASSA exercise.

The communities of Jamalpur district were provided with necessary equipment and a refreshersÔÇÖ training for flood early warning. Dialogues with other humanitarian organizations are in place to synergies the effort in establishing a consistent early warning system in flood prone areas.

The project supplements BDRCSÔÇÖ effort in institutionalizing beneficiary communication and accountability with the aim to provide transparent and accountable humanitarian services.