Monthly PMO Report October 2018

Reports Date: 
Thursday, November 1, 2018


Since 25 August 2017, 72700 people entered to Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh across the border. Then a situation of statelessness imposed over generations to the most vulnerability. Then the people and the government of Bangladesh welcomed this massive population with resounding generosity and open borders. The speed and scale of the influx was nonetheless a challenge and BDRCS stepped up its support to mitigate a critical humanitarian emergency. The PMO project is designed to lessen their distress by improving the abilities of cope with the strains of hosting nearly a million people in collaboration with IFRC, PNSs and Government as well over shared leadership and under a one window frame work approaches. A year later, now the people are facing more threat staying in a congested, ill equipped, cyclone prone sites, with alarming limited options for a safe evacuation.