PMO Monthly Report April, 2019

Reports Date: 
Sunday, May 26, 2019


Mrs. Rashida Begum (25) is a woman of forcibly displaced Myanmar people. And her husband’s name is Mohammad Abu Sayed. They have already 05 children. On 20 April 2019, she came to BDRCS’ Jamtoli PHC center for delivery fifth child. After giving birth, the paramedic consulted with Rashida and convinced her for adopting a family planning method to control birth. She told us that she at first, she had to talk with her husband about the disadvantages of having big family. Next day she came alone and told that her husband wasn’t interested in taking any method. Then a few BDRCS’ Community Health Facilitators from went to her tenant and explained to her husband on the significance of assuming a proper family planning method. We consulted and asked him to come in BDRCS’ Jamtoli PHC Center. After a couple of days, Rashida Begum came with her husband and paramedic described them about process. Finally, Rashida and Abu Syed agreed to take IUD (Intra Uterine Device) method for 10 years. In fact, prior to this, they were no aware of the systems. After 7 days, she came and said us that she and her husband had been happy now after adopting the method. Mostly Qatar RC, Japan RC, German RC, Canadian RC have been supporting in the Health Sector through functioning 05 Health Posts in the camp settlement area.