PMO Monthly Report August, 2019

Reports Date: 
Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Since 25 August 2017, total population, displaced from Myanmar, in Cox’s Bazar has been stabilized with relatively decreased rate of influx in 2019, as per the UNHCR population factsheet issued on 15 August2019.

After two years of the massive influx, the guest community situation in 34 Camps remains vulnerable with protracted nature. The average space per person in the densely populated area is 10 square per person. The frequent rainfall in the monsoon season (April to September) makes the camp flooded, becomes difficult for camp community to access service points. Poor hygienic condition causes water-borne disease. Agitation between host and guest community is intensifying due to the effect of long term living of people in the Camps including decreased labor rate, increase of commodities price, shrinking free land for cultivation and deforestation.

Last repatriation attempt in August 2019 by the Government of Bangladesh and Myanmar was unsuccessful eventually. It was planned on 22 August for approximately 3,454 out of a list of 22,000. However, the demand of the Camp people such as award of citizenship, was not agreed by the Government of Myanmar. On the other hand, a demonstration of 500,000 camp people against the non-conducive repatriation plan was held on 25 August. The Government of Bangladesh including the CiC and Civil military considered the demonstration as a serious signal of threat and blacklisted some 40 national and international NGOs to be banned from the humanitarian work, accusing their involvement in the mass gathering.