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The Training Department of BDRCS has been providing various training courses with an aim to increase capacity of the BDRCS through developing skill of staff and volunteers. Main field of trainings are Red Cross Red Crescent Movement including International Humanitarian Law (IHL), Staff Induction, First Aid, Search & Rescue, Emergency Response, Disaster Management (DM), Fire Safety & Management, Training of Trainers (ToT) etc.

Our Focus

Apart from organizing various in-house training events the Department conducts following training courses for employees, volunteers and communities of different national and international organizations, including UN agencies:

  • First Aid
  • Search & Rescue
  • Disaster Management

In addition we, on request, also design and provide special courses on Early Warning (Cyclone), Sea Safety & Cyclone Shelter Management and Fire Safety & Management.

Our Reach

During last four years the Department has conducted over 370 different training courses and reached 8,417 participants. The participants include officers/staffs, members and volunteers of BDRCS and from employees and communities of different national/international and UN organizations. In recent past the Department conducted 24 training courses (12 First Aid and 12 Search & Rescue) under one single AGREEMENT with Islamic Relief. BDRCS conducted significant # of trainings, mostly on First Aid and Sear & Rescue, under partnership/Agreement with NARRI (consortium of 6 INGOs), DeSHARI (consortium of 5 INGOs) and IOM. Till date in 2014 we reached to 2,800 participants of which 2,177 were male. The # of participants in 2011, 2012 and 2013 were  2,447 (male 1825, female 622), 2056 (male 1595, female 461) and 1114 (male 872, female 242) respectively. 

Our Diversity

Amongst the training recipients, the most common clients are Garment sectors. Considering spreading fire incidents and to ensure employees safety measures many Garment factories, as pre requisite of buyers, have been expressing their willingness to receive First Aid training from BDRCS. Various international organizations also receive First Aid training from BDRCS on regular basis. Despite of busy schedule, the Training Department has been very enthusiastic to give schedule and has been organizing/conducting First Aid training for Garment sectors and as well as for other national/international organizations to contribute their earnest efforts to spread first aid knowledge and safety of all concerned.

For further information please contact us at 01811458540 (Official mobile of the Department) or e-mail at (Official e-mail of the Department) and/or  (present Director, Training).

Note: Considering the current pandemic situation, Training Department of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society is triggering to conduct Virtual Training as per requirements. Course fees will be BDT. 5000.00/= per hour x 5 hrs =25,000.00/= as one course for 25 participants in a course. For one person as individual fee will be 3000/= for 5 hours. BDRCS is exempted from paying income taxes. Therefore, no tax shall be deducted from the course fees. VAT (as per Gov. rules-15%) may be included with the fee.

If you have any demands, you may contact with Ms. Supriya Saha, training officer, mobile no: 01811458540 ,Email: