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Training courses and duration

Training courses and duration

1. First Aid (day long orientation, 3 days basic and day long refreshers)

Contents: Introduction to First Aid, Chocking, Artificial Respiration (AR), Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Bleeding, Shock, Fit, Fainting & Unconsciousness, Wounds & dressing of wounds, Poisoning, Bites, Burn & electric injuries, Bone fracture and Transportation of Casualties etc. We also include drowning, basic fire safety/fighting on request.

2. Search & Rescue (3/4/5 days, depending on requirement)

Contents:Introduction to Search & Rescue (SAR), Objective/aims, Steps, Survey and Stages, Emergency rescue method including transportation of casualties, Introduction to First Aid, AR/CPR (simulation / practice based), Bleeding and control of bleeding, Rope:Terminology, types, importance, use and care, Knot: types and different hitches and use of knots, Stretcher: use, making improvised and handling of stretcher, Techniques of rescue from tree/elevated places by chair knots and chain knots, Mass casualty management (theatrical & practical ), Lashing: types and use of lashing, Water rescue: tools and techniques, swimming and floating aids and making raft etc.

3. Disaster Management (DM/Disaster Risk Reduction-DRR, Disaster Response-DR)

Contents: Disaster: concept, definition/terminology, global and Bangladesh perspective, Disaster cycle, DM: concept, global and Bangladesh context, DM mechanism, role of different organizations, DRR: concept, local capacity building, local coping mechanism, contingency plan, community organization, community empowerment, DR: Concept, Relief Management (post disaster/emergency damage & needs assessment, beneficiary selection, distribution, documentation, reporting, coordination), DR tools: national and global tools/guidelines (e.g. Code of Conduct, SPHERE Standard) etc.

4. Others courses

We also design and provide special courses on Early Warning (Cyclone), Sea Safety & Cyclone Shelter Management and Fire Safety & Management. Duration and contents of each course is determined on a case by case basis and are recommended for the concerned organizations.