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Unit Affairs (UA)

Unit Affairs (UA)

Bangladesh Red Crescent Society got 68 Branches as per the legal provision of the people republic of Bangladesh in 1973 through an order PO-26 proclaim by the Father of the Nation Bangobandhu Sheik Mojiber Rahman.  Following the establishment of the Society there are 68 Branches that are considered as the vital limbs of the Society and functioning till the date. The Branches are in the fore-front in representing the Society and performing the prime role in responding any disaster emergency situation at the community level. The volunteers and members of the unit are the main players in performing the humanitarian functions and activities of the branches as when it is required.

The branches were formed in October, 1973 according to the provision Article-16 of the P.O-26, 31 March 1973. Initially, the Branch Affairs Department had consisted formally with the Youth & Volunteers, training, fund raising wing of the Society and was named service to Unit. After a long period of time there was an institutional review had been done where the recommendation made in 1996 was that these three wings need to be separated. Considering the recommendation the 3 individual departments were established in 1997 and the Branch affairs department was one of them. 

The Branch Affairs Department is effectively responsible in facilitating and providing necessary guidance and supports to the Branches in planning and implementing their day-to-day activities including membership drive, Re constitutional and legal matters. The department maintains and preserves all records related to the Branch affairs and responsible to supervise and monitor all the activities implemented at the Branch level. 

Society’s 68 Branches are not equally capable and active. The Branch Affairs Department is playing an important role in enhancing the competency of the Branches, maintaining close coordination and cooperation with the various departments and their programmes /Project activities. 


  • Coordinated Support from NHQ to branches through the Branch Level Officers and Branch Executive Committee to develop well-functioning branches able to carry out mandated activities and achieve sustainability.


  • Improve service delivery to the most vulnerable through strengthening capacity of Branch Affairs Department and the branches.

Expected Results:

  • Branches are strengthened and provided mandated services through their activities for increased capacity of branch by Branch Affairs Department.
  • Well-functioning, self-empowered branches are delivering effective humanitarian service and demonstrating value of voluntarism.
  • Advocacy and support for the branch level governance and management are increased.